Decorative signs are my middle name

If you personally know me, or are one of my amazing follower/friends on social media, or happen to be a UPS, USPS, or FedEx driver then you know first hand the love affair I have with decorative signs.

What is it about a sign? That is the biggest question I always get.

I’ve always been driven by quotes. I love phrases that motivate, make you feeling like a good human, or are just down right hilarious.

I would have to say it started when I was in fourth grade, and sent to the nurses office because of a tummy ache. I remember laying in that uncomfortable cot , looking up at the ceiling, and seeing a picture of a cat hanging off a tree branch and it said “hang in there”. I must have stared at that poster for over a half an hour while waiting for my mom to pick me up. I pondered, hang in there? Am I dying? I’m laying down, how am I hanging? I would have to say I was not the brightest crayon in the crayon box as a child 😂

On the car ride home I told my mom about the poster and she laughed. She literally had to explain the meaning of this poster to me. I laughed; Secretly I was dying inside that I took it so literal, but I was so intrigued by the words.

Signs to me are such an easy and interchangeable piece that you can add to your home. Your personality truly shines by the decorative pieces that you have in your home, so why not add a few fun phrases that fits your family?

Whether you hang them up individually, cluster with some decorative pieces, or add them to a gallery wall you truly cannot go wrong with a decorative sign.

My motto is you should have at least one sign up for every day of the week. Seven days of inspiration. If it’s humor, quotes about love, or funny phrases about food; they should be something that adds value to your day.

Just remember quotes may come and go but if you put it on a sign it will last forever! So hang in there LOL ( I’m channeling the 4th grade me 😂 ) and when choosing a decorative sign just pick one that speaks to you.


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