I’ll never be Dunn 

I will be the first to tell you that I absolutely love Rae Dunn pottery. I love the simplicity and functionality of her pieces. 

One of the greatest things about her line is that they are always coming out with something new. Just when you think your collection is “Dunn” …… They release another piece you have to have !

 I would love to sit here and tell you her pieces are easy to find. Let me start off by saying they are not! I was fortunate that I stumbled across her pottery almost 2 years ago. 

Her popularity has become a staple for farmhouse decor. 

What has made her pottery so hard to find is what I call “shelf clearers” These people hunt for Rae purely for profit making it impossible to find her stuff in the store. 

I am all for up charging for your services but to charge somebody $280 for something that retails for $12.99 is ridiculous! And people pay it 😳😳😳 

There are several groups now on Facebook that are solely dedicated to Rae Dunn pottery. A lot of people around the country are now forming groups that go out and search for her pottery and trade with each other for pieces that they don’t have.

The best piece of advice I can offer to you on how you can obtain one of her pieces is reach out to other “dunnies”. Join Facebook groups and search Instagram for others who love her pottery.


Refrain from buying from up sellers! As much as you may want what you would consider a highly sought after piece I guarantee you someone in another state might have what you need if you simply ask. I can also guarantee that they will probably not be asking a crazy high price for it either. 

Stay strong, resist the urge to buy from up sellers, and continue searching eventually you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Happy “Dunn” hunting,


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